SHOCK: Prabhas’ wedding ad going viral, see PHOTO

SHOCK: Prabhas’ wedding ad going viral, see PHOTO 

 Prabhas’ wedding ad going viral, 



After Bahubali part 1 the question raised was “why kattapa killed baahubali”.

But now a different question getting popularity after baahubali 2,When Bahuabli prabhas Wedding,On fun side this is going viral.

‘Bahubali 2’, directed by SS Rajamouli, has grossed 1500 crores worldwide, breaking many records. Prabhas (Bahubali) and Rana Daggubati (Bhallaldev) continue to joke with each other a lot. Last year, Rana Daggubati shared an interesting matrimonial ed social media about the marriage of Prabhas, which is now becoming quite viral. 

In this ad edited in January 2016, Daggubati gave the funny information about the groom and the bride. Daggubati wrote, “Bride for the 36 year old warrior and military leader who has a good family relationship.” The bride had written about 6 feet 2 inches, Extreme well-built, helping in domestic work, Expert in make-up like a bride.

Daggubati wrote about the bride that a girl who wants to be attractive should be an expert in running in the jungle, mountains and aisles. With this, the girl should be fighting with fencing, shooting and hands. The girl also comes to respect your mother-in-law. Being skilled at household chores is also possible to defeat enemies. At the same time, the girl should know about the military strategy of defeating the enemies.

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