Alia Bhatt Ready to Work with Prabhas !!!

Alia Bhatt Ready to Work with  Prabhas !!! 

AliaBhatt Prabhas #BAHUB-ALIA


Finally Bahubali Prabhas got a pair in bollywood, After babubali lots of guesses, predictions are made that who will be the next heroine of prabhas , and even some people said that no heoroine of bollywood yet announced to their interest to work with prabhas, finally alibhatt said that she is happy to work with Bahubali Prabhas.

In Mean time Bahubali prabhas Manikarnika Kanganaranaut pairing up gossip made a decent roam on social media,But AliaBhatt on her session of #AskAlia Answerd to question asked by prabhas fan.

And She said ” Bahubali ,is a epic and to describe it need a new word Rock-buster”

With Alia bhat tweets about prabhas, in very short time Prabhas – AliaBhatt combo is Now Trending on google…..We have to wait and see when alia bhatt is going to be “Bahub-aliaBhatt”


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